9 01, 2018

Friesians Work Out

2018-01-09T12:33:59+00:00 January 9th, 2018|At the Retreat|

January 6, 2018 Our 4 girls worked out yesterday and had a blast! Moms and babies did great! Flicka is avid to learn and Pearl is a bit handful but sooo cute... 😊 Horse Training with Animal Keeper Jessica.

9 01, 2018

Thunder Update

2018-01-10T14:37:30+00:00 January 9th, 2018|At the Retreat|

January 5, 2018 The vet cleared Thunder this morning! He only has antibiotics until 1/10/18. He will be joining his friends within the next couple of weeks.

9 01, 2018

Cairo Update

2018-01-09T12:02:43+00:00 January 9th, 2018|At the Retreat|

December 16, 2017 Cairo had 2 more wounds early this morning. The team moved him from the pasture to the barn. He got his meds and a good wash on his wounds. They appear to be superficial, so he should be back to normal very soon.

9 01, 2018

Stardust Update

2018-01-09T11:52:32+00:00 January 9th, 2018|At the Retreat|

December 15, 2017 Mini Horses: The vet came and looked at Stardust today and said... he’s actually loosing his baby teeth! One was wiggling so it was removed. He is starting to feel better.

9 01, 2018

Stardust Seems Grouchy

2018-01-09T11:46:42+00:00 January 9th, 2018|At the Retreat|

December 14, 2017 Mini Horses: Stardust wasn’t in the best of moods and we put him in the barn to try and figure out what was going on as he was acting aggressive towards his pasture mates.  It turns out he had a tooth pain.  (We all know how painful that can be!)

9 01, 2018

Alpaca Family Time

2018-01-09T11:41:16+00:00 January 9th, 2018|At the Retreat|

On the Alpaca front: December 13, 2017    Yay!  Cinnamon and her two sons (Nutmeg and Neopolitan) are now free to roam in the same enclosure.  A sure sign Nutmeg born in September is growing up.  We’ve been introducing the two siblings slowly to cut down on sibling rivalry. The last three weeks the three [...]

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