Do you ever stop and wonder what makes zoos and a wildlife sanctuary different? In this blog, we want to share our top 3 reasons why you should visit a wildlife sanctuary instead of a zoo.


1. Animal Sanctuaries Acquire Their Animals Out of Necessity

At Children’s Nature Retreat, we have over 200 domesticated livestock and exotic animals from around the globe. Unlike many zoos, we acquire our animals out of necessity. Many of our animals were surrendered to us and placed in our care because they were are no longer receiving the care they need to survive. Each of our animals has a unique story. When you visit us, you will learn everything there is to know about them, what makes them so incredibly special, how they ended up in our care, and why they need us.


2. Animal Sanctuaries Provide a More Personal Experience.

Our wildlife sanctuary is a ranch-style retreat designed to facilitate a magical learning experience. Unlike the Zoo, The Children’s Nature Retreat is small in scale and allows for a smaller and more intimate experience. At The Children’s Retreat, we understand the benefits of an unstructured exploration tour and guided tours. An unstructured tour allows visitors to develop a relationship with nature in a more biological setting. And a guided tour will enable participants to learn more detailed information about each of our animals. Either way, each of the tours are crafted to provide a top-notch-educational experience.


3.By Visiting an Animal Sanctuary, You Will Be Supporting a Good Cause.

The third reason you should visit an animal sanctuary is for the benefit of the animals. Wildlife sanctuaries serve as a haven for animals that need to be rescued and rehabilitated. At The Children’s Nature Retreat, we highly believe in and value the ethical treatment of animals and strive to provide them with everything they need. Our wildlife sanctuary spans 20 acres and provides the animals an adequate roaming environment to be well-cared for and loved for the rest of their lives or until they released back into the wild. The funds collected are used to fund our sanctuary to provide these animals with what they need most, a home and care. By visiting The Children’s Retreat Center, you will be supporting and advocating for their well-being.


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