How Animal Sanctuaries Can Benefit Your Children

How Animal Sanctuaries Can Benefit Your Children

Children love to watch animals outside of cartoons and storybooks. A trip to an animal sanctuary is the perfect chance to give life to their imagination and build an emotional connection with animals. Whether it be a black-and-white African striped Zebra or a Nigerian Dwarf goat, children’s eyes always gleam with joy when exploring the vast amount of animal species that the world contains! This blog will go over how animal sanctuaries can benefit your children and why it’s a great idea to take them to one!

They Exist for Real!

When children see animals for the first time, it surprises them that they truly exist! They won’t stop talking about how they saw an actual Camel, which then just existed in picture books about deserts! Such exciting discoveries occur when wild animals from around the world are brought together so that you don’t have to travel thousands of miles to see. The animals at Children’s Nature retreats are all at a reachable distance. It’s like having a fairytale come true!


By seeing that animals are living beings with their own two eyes, children develop a greater sensitivity towards animals and their habitats. It’s important for them to know that animals have emotions just like them. This enables them to grow up to be responsible towards nature and all living creatures. Empathizing with animals gives children a sensitive mindset that nurtures the growth of a considerate human being.

Child petting pig at animal santuary


When children visit an animal sanctuary, they learn to respect animals. When they learn to comply with the rules of the sanctuary, they’re also learning discipline. There are certain animals they can feed and touch, while there are others they must watch from afar. When kids realize that animals are out of their comfort zone, they learn to respect that.

Visual, Auditory, & Kinesthetic

Did you know that children learn better when they use all senses? When children see, hear, and touch animals, they’re more likely to remember them compared to being told about them. Auditory learners will be fascinated by the sounds animals make, while visual learners will be awed at the physical features of the animals. Irrespective of what kind of learner your kid is, an animal sanctuary is the best place for them to learn about the animal kingdom.

Visit Children’s Nature Retreat!

At Children’s Nature Retreat, there are 23 different species and 61 distinct breeds of animals! We have also saved 46 new animals who have recently lost their homes during the pandemic, housing a total of 201 animals. Our animal sanctuary is 20-acres, allowing you to spend time walking around and interacting with the animals. Right when you arrive, though, you must sign a waiver and then watch a short clip to learn about the facility and how to feed the different animals properly. You’re then allowed to go off and explore the grounds with your bucket of barley to feed the animals!

You’ll be surprised by how much your kid learns at an animal sanctuary. From compassion to discipline to enhanced knowledge, your child will greatly grow as a human being. We hope this blog helps you see how animal sanctuaries can benefit your child. If you’re looking for an animal sanctuary to take your kids to, Children’s Nature Retreat is the perfect place! You can visit us at 5178 Japatul Spur Alpine, CA 91901, or get in touch by calling (619) 320-4942 or contacting us on our website.