Why You Should Support an Animal Sanctuary

Our human society has been governed by the need to create progress usefully. This idea of only being useful in creating productivity has made us ignore our most important purposes, one being the need to protect our planet and life. There is no better purpose than to support protecting life, especially the lives of those who have been at our mercy for so long. So, what is an animal sanctuary? It is a facility or place where animals are brought to live. It’s a place of refuge where they are protected for the rest of their lives. Abused and stray animals are brought to sanctuaries for a second chance at life. If you are interested in learning more about animal sanctuaries, this blog will provide insight into why you should support an animal sanctuary.

Why Are Animal Sanctuaries Essential?

The objective of animal sanctuaries is to educate and show others that there are much better ways to live with animals. To show that animals are not here for us to exploit; they are here to live and be happy. We cannot continue to deprive them of their freedom. Moving or relocating animals from their habitat is challenging, but sanctuaries offer the same natural habitat. They make them feel comfortable by putting them in an environment they are familiar with and is natural. All occupants inside these homes are fully protected and monitored. Those abandoned and injured are rehabilitated, fed, and treated. Animals with deformities also get a chance to live a normal life. Sanctuaries also protect animals from humans. Sometimes, humans mistreat and abandon the animals they have brought into their homes as pets. An animal sanctuary gets them away from all of that.

What Kind of Animals Reside in Sanctuaries?

People sometimes confuse an animal sanctuary with a zoo. What makes a sanctuary different is the philosophy that the animal occupants do not exist for human use, entertainment, or consumption. Their needs and happiness get all the attention and are the priority. Humans are prohibited from taking the animals’ eggs, milk, skin, or wool. The animals are left to exist how they would have in nature without worrying about humans trying to take something from them. Farm animal sanctuaries rescue many species commonly “farmed,” like cats, dogs, turkeys, chickens, horses, cows, roosters, pigs, rabbits, ducks, bison, etc.

There are also wildlife refuges sanctuaries that mostly host wild animals that typically wouldn’t interact with humans in the wild. They may include lions, cheetahs, zebras, bears, gorillas, rhinos, wildebeests, ostriches, leopards, warthogs, elephants, camels, and giraffes. These animals are often saved from zoos, aquariums, or other situations where humans derive “entertainment” from them.

Every animal sanctuary is not always open to the public because they aim to avoid activities that would place the occupants in stressful situations. They are only open when they request support from the public through donations and fundraising. Donations include contributing finances, helping with clean-ups, and walking the dogs as part of their exercise. Some sanctuaries offer tours or meet and greets with the animals to tell the public their stories, where they were rescued from, and how we can reconnect our bonds with animals and prevent doing them any future harm. These invites to the public are an essential part of animal sanctuaries because they teach them about the hardships the animals endured and how not to cause the animals to be in that situation in the first place.

What Roles Do Sanctuaries Play in Saving Animals from Harm?

Protection is the primary reason for having animal sanctuaries. Many of the animals are rescued from places where their living conditions were not ideal, like slaughterhouses, dairy farms, circuses, petting zoos, hoarding situations. Most of the rescued animals are found in conditions that have caused them to suffer. Many are rescued after medical emergencies or injuries. Sanctuaries take in the hurt animals and provide treatment. Animal sanctuaries also take in animals born with deformities or who were abandoned or orphaned. Additionally, wildlife sanctuaries rescue endangered species from harm.

Animal sanctuaries are essential to the animals they save and house and to spreading their compassionate message. They support laws that protect animals and ban activities that harm them. Campaigning and participating in educational seminars about animal rights and how they suffer today are among the activities in which sanctuaries participate. Their activism is important because it strives to end the cycle of violence that causes animals to need sanctuaries.

Why Should You Help?

All those who support Children’s Nature Retreat have assumed this great challenge. We have created a summer camp to educate, connect, and foster a child’s love for animals and nature. By supporting animal sanctuaries, you help inform others of the lives you are protecting. You can help us continue to provide the best care for our animals and ensure that children have the best experience possible with us. For more information, call (619) 320-4942 or click here!