Have you always wondered about the value of sanctuaries and how to maximize their impact? Animal Sanctuaries are fun and educational secluded areas available for everyone of all ages to learn and foster an appreciation for animals, nature, sustainable farming, and the ecosystem. Check out this blog to learn more about sanctuaries and their impact, along with how to schedule a visit at the Children’s Nature Retreat.

1. Symbolism

Sanctuaries offer a symbol of how animals raised in farm-type settings can live happy and fulfilling lives when they are treated correctly and cared for properly. We strongly believe in the ethical treatment of animals, and we are incredibly passionate about the well-being of our furry friends and want to instill this belief in others! The Children’s Nature Retreat is specifically designed to help children develop a sense of wonder for nature and its inhabitants through unstructured exploration and learning.

2. Prioritizing Education

At the Children’s Nature Retreat, we prioritize education and provide educational services at our Retreat and for our customers! We offer online classes, field trips, virtual tours, and virtual/on-site 5-week & 8-week school programs. To find educational services for our sanctuary, check out our website or give us a call!

3. Direct Rescue

Sanctuaries rescue, rehabilitate, and care for hundreds of different animals that need assistance. At Children’s Nature Retreat, we provide a magical and serene ranch-style retreat. With 20-acres of terrain, it is a safe haven to over 170 domesticated livestock and exotic animals worldwide.

4. Adoption Programs

Animal adoption is a unique way to help the animals you love. Starting at just $50, you can help Children’s Nature Retreat give each animal the specialized care they need for one whole year. Choose from one of five levels of support and get the inside scoop on your animal’s personality, favorite treats, and more! When you adopt an animal, you are helping care for that individual and all the other animals at the Retreat.

5. Donation Programs

Did you know you can support the CNRF while shopping on Amazon? If you use to shop, a portion of every purchase will be contributed by Amazon to CNRF. You can also become an Animal Feeding Pal for as little as $10 per month or as much as $500 per month, which will help feed and protect our small and large animals at the Retreat.

Why You Should Come to the Children’s Nature Retreat!

Read this blog to learn more about the value of sanctuaries, and how to maximize their impact, along with how to schedule a visit to the Children’s Nature Retreat. You can purchase tickets or donate here on our website, where it will show you what you receive from your donation. We encourage you to share this message with your friends and family as well. For everyone that has supported us, we thank you again!