20 Minutes Exotic Virtual Tour


All tours are set on Zoom and are interactive.



The Retreat is closed to the public due to the Stay-at-home order and will remain closed until it is safe for our guests to come back. In the light of this new life, we are offering a new way for you to discover or check back with the Retreat and its animals. We can organize a virtual tour for you, your family, your colleagues or staff. We have put together a sample of what can be done, but we are ready to customize the tours to fit your needs or dreams.  We can even do the virtual tours in French, English or Spanish.  The timing of the tours is approximate and more for corporate needs. If you have more time or if this is for a private viewing, we will gladly extend the time. All tours are set on Zoom and are interactive.

Select the date and time in the calendar and you will be all set. We will reach out to you via email so you can send us the zoom link for your group so we can join in when it is time.


  • Camel Oasis

  • African Grassland with zebras, watusis, zebus and ostriches

  • Bison prairie with Cheyenne our American bison

All tours are set on Zoom and are interactive.


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