Help Us Build a Home for Judy’s Little Zoo

Help Us Build a Home for Judy's Little Zoo

Judy’s Little Zoo

The Children’s Nature Retreat needs your help to build a home for Judy’s little zoo. Our friend Judy is turning 80 this year and moving into a smaller property and needs to find a forever home for her animals. Her little zoo includes mini horses, mini donkeys, emus, a donkey, llamas, alpacas, mini goats, and a potbelly pig.

Her animals have been a big part of her personal and professional life as therapy animals and she would love for them to continue enriching other’s lives. The animals currently all live together, so it’s crucial for Judy that they stay together in their new home. The Children’s Nature Retreat is a perfect place for them, and we are planning on building a new enclosure with two shelters. Families and children can visit them, and students will be able to go inside during field trips.

How to Donate

The Children’s Nature Retreat needs to raise $15,000 to build a 2-acre enclosure with two shelters. Judy will be able to sell her home and move on to a new chapter in her life with the comfort of knowing that her small zoo is happily together.

You can follow and donate on our Facebook page. Whether you give $5 or $500, know that every bit helps, and your donation will go towards helping build a home for Judy’s animals.

Other Ways to Help Children’s Nature Retreat

If you want to find more ways to support the Children’s Nature Retreat, you can help feed our animals. Even just $10 will feed our birds for an entire week! For more information on how to help feed our animals, visit the donate section on our website.

If you want to become a part of the Children’s Nature Retreat you can apply to become a volunteer. Learn more about our volunteer program on our blog.