The Retreat: Your Next Fun Team Building Destination

Retreat Team Building

With deadlines coming up and an endless stream of projects, work can become overwhelming at times. This is why it’s important to take a step back and relax. Children’s Nature Retreat offers an excellent place for fun team building activities that can help re-center your team.

What is Team-Building?

The most valuable asset to your company isn’t your idea, business plan, or product, but your employees. No matter the number of employees or structure of your business, team building is an investment. It will benefit employees, and in turn, your bottom line.

While team-building exercises are mostly portrayed as cheesy activities in movies (ex. trust falls), they can take place in any environment outside of the workplace. These events will help you build a personal bond with your co-workers that may be hard to create in the workplace. It helps biologicalally build trust between members, encourages communication, and increases collaboration. Team-bonding events allow workers from all levels to interact together. It also helps different departments to get to know each other. Some workers may only ever see each other in passing or only communicate via email, so these events let them get to know each other a little better.

Not only will it help improve communication, but it will help boost morale and make employees feel valued. When your workers are happy, your company can help build an influential culture. This will help attract and maintain quality talent.

What Children’s Nature Retreat Offers

A short 45-minute drive from downtown, you’ll find yourself far away from the hustle and bustle of the weekday. The Retreat provides a fun environment that will help build lasting memories with your co-workers.

Our team building package includes exclusive use of the Wellness Center and a 750 square foot open design seminar space with a projector and laptop. The area has tables and seats for up to 40 people and comes with a choice of caterers. Your employees will stay entertained with our pool, picnic area, and an option for a guided tour of the animal park. If you want to come back to the park after your team building session, check out our ladies’ spa days that are perfect for working professionals!

Visit our website to learn more or call (619) 320-4942 to reserve your team building event at the Children’s Nature Retreat.