Babe the Pig

800x600Babe the Pig

Species: Pig

Breed: Mini potbelly

Born: September 2015

How she came to call the Retreat home:

Babe was so cute, Agnes couldn’t resist when she was in Oklahoma picking up animals in need of a new home.

Fun Facts:

Pigs are social by nature. In their natural habitat they live in a group and a pecking order is established and maintained by body and verbal pig language. If a pig is irritated, she may throw her head in a side swiping motion, or she may scream loudly. (A contented pig ouffs around making quiet, satisfied noises that are very pleasing.) Man rates the pig as the fifth most intelligent animal with man ranking first, followed by monkeys, dolphins, whales and pigs. They function by instinct, intuition and memory. They learn quickly and don’t forget what they master. Pigs are affectionate animals. They love companionship and body closeness. The potbellied pig is a very sturdy animal with short legs, a slightly swayed back with a pendulous belly and a short tail ending with a flowing switch. It has short, erect ears, and a snout that varies from short and stubby to long and elegant. Potbellied pigs have only been in the United States since 1986 so it is difficult to determine an average life span. Estimates in this regard are between fifteen and thirty years.

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