Adopt an Animal Today!

Choose from one of five levels of support and get the inside scoop on your animal’s personality, favorite treats, and more! When you adopt an animal, you are helping care for that individual and all the other animals at the Retreat.  Adoptions are valid for one year. Animal adoptions are perfect gifts for friends, family and any other animal lover. 

All “adoptions” are valid for one full year and are non-transferable. Sorry, you can’t take your animal home.  He or she will remain at the Children’s Nature Retreat in the care of animal experts. Due to the popularity of some species, some animals may have more than one “parent.”

*Restrictions may apply

A “Parent” Event is done once a year, often in the summer. As an adoptive parent you will receive an invite when the event is approaching.

Looking to contribute at a higher level? If you would like to adopt an animal for more than $1000, please contact the ADOPT Adviser at 619-320-4942 or [email protected] for an adoption package tailored especially for you.

Don’t see the animal you love? Don’t worry!  All of our animals are available for adoption. If you would like to care for an animal not on our list, let us know and we can make your adoption possible.

If your animal is not available in plush form, we will substitute it for another adorable plush animal.

Thank you to our current ADOPT parents.  The website parent board is updated on-a-monthly basis.

All “parent” packages are shipped within a week of date of order.  Please note we can only ship within the U.S. and Canada.  Adoptions of more than $100 are not fully tax – deductible.  An animal adoption for a charitable deduction.  The amount of your charitable contribution for income tax purposes is the amount given less the fair market value of benefits you receive, whether used or not. IRS rules allow taxpayers to claim charitable deductions if the benefits received are considered token items.  The fair market value of benefits received for each adoption level is listed below.

Level Amount Fair Market Value 2017
Keeper $50 $0.0
Lead Keeper $100 $40.00
Senior Keeper $250 $125.00
Associate Curator $500 $200.00
Curator $1000 $390.00

Questions? Contact the Adoption Advisor at [email protected] or 619-320-4942.