Girl with black Friesian horse - 5 Animals You Must See at an Animal Sanctuary & Farm

5 Animals You Must See at an Animal Sanctuary & Farm

Do you have a passion for animals? If so, you surely have to visit an animal sanitary & farm at least once in your lifetime! Animal sanctuaries are a great way to learn more about animals and their lives. They offer a safe and secure environment for animals that have been rescued from neglectful or abusive situations. Not only do they provide a home for these animals, but they also give visitors the opportunity to see and interact with them. Here are 5 animals you must see at an animal sanctuary & farm during your next visit.


Alpacas are known for their soft and luxurious fiber, which is used to make high-quality clothing items. These South American animals are also known for their friendly and gentle nature, making them a popular choice for animal sanctuaries & farms. Alpacas are social creatures that thrive on interaction with their herd mates and humans. Visitors to an animal sanctuary can feed and pet these adorable animals while learning more about their unique characteristics.

Alpacas -  San Diego Animal Farm & Sanctuary

Friesian Horses

Friesian horses are a majestic and elegant breed, originating from the Netherlands. These black horses have long flowing manes and tails, making them a sight to behold. Friesians are intelligent and sensitive animals that form strong bonds with their owners and caretakers. At an animal sanctuary, visitors can learn about the history and characteristics of this breed and see them from close.

Friesian Horse -  San Diego Animal Farm & Sanctuary

Alpine Goats

Alpine goats are a hardy breed that is known for their milk production. These medium-sized goats have a distinctive look, with their short, upright ears and curved horns. They are social animals that enjoy the company of other goats and humans. Alpine goats can be playful animals, especially when they are young. They are known for their energy and curiosity, and they love to climb, jump, and play. Adult Alpine goats may also enjoy playing, but they tend to be more reserved and may not be as active as their younger counterparts.

Alpine Goats - San Diego Animal Farm & Sanctuary


Cows are one of the most common animals found in animal sanctuaries. These gentle giants are often raised for their meat and milk, but at an animal sanctuary, they are given a second chance at life. Cows are social animals that form strong bonds with their herd mates and humans. Visitors can learn about the different breeds of cows, their feeding habits, and the importance of animal welfare.

Cows - San Diego Animal Farm & Sanctuary


Mules are a hybrid animal that is created by crossing a male donkey with a female horse. These animals are known for their strength and endurance, making them a popular choice for working in agriculture and transportation. Mules are also intelligent and curious creatures that form strong bonds with their owners and caretakers.

An animal sanctuary & farm offers visitors the opportunity to learn about and interact with a variety of animals. From the soft and gentle alpacas to the strong and majestic Friesian horses, there are many animals to see and learn about. Whether you are interested in animal welfare, nature, or simply love animals, visiting an animal sanctuary is a great way to spend the day. At San Diego Animal Farm & Sanctuary, we are home to 25 different kinds of species. We’d love to provide you with a day full of loving animals and fun. You can visit the farm & sanctuary at 5178 Japatul Spur, Alpine, CA, or contact us by calling (619) 320-4942 or clicking here.