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Species: Parrot
Breed: Greenwing Macaw
Born: San Diego in 2009

How she came to call the Retreat home:

She came to the Retreat on September 25, 2017.  A local veterinary clinic asked us if we could take her as her owner could no longer care for her.

Fun Facts:

There are over 370 different types of parrots on earth and Macaws are the largest. Macaws normally weigh between 2 and 4 pounds, which is a fairly hefty weight for a bird. The largest of the Macaws, the Hyacinth Macaw, can reach lengths of nearly 3 and a half feet long from the beak to the tip of the tail. In addition, they boast an impressive wingspan of up to 60 inches. Macaws have long tail feathers as well as big beaks. Their large, curved beaks are quite powerful and are designed to crack open hard nuts and seeds. Macaws can live to more than 80 years.

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